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Welcome to Dreamers' Farm!

Since 2003, The Home of Gypsy Vanner horses, specializing in blue roan and lp(app aloosa) coloring. Also healthy home raised blue eyed, moonspotted  and colorful ADGA/AGS NIGERIAN DWARF Goats, and Fullblood ABGA registered BOER GOATS of unique and rare colors including dappled and solid black. 

Located near Kansas City Missouri 









  My name is Mary. My family includes South African Boer GoatsNigerian Dwarf Goats  My bull terrier, miniature bull terriers,  AKC Anatolian Shepherds. My 40 acre farm is located North of  Excelsior Springs,  near Kansas City Missouri. My animals are my family, and I take pride in providing them with excellent care. They are on regular scheduled yearly vaccinations,  wormed and hoof trimmed as needed. My herd tested negative for CL and CAE in 2018. My goats rotate on 40 acres of browse, and eat MFA  show goat feed mixed with black oil sunflower seeds, and diactomaceous earth. I feed quality brome hay during the winter.  Nursing does also get alfalfa pellets. They get a copper bolus every year and always have goat minerals, protein tub, and salt available. All my goats are well known individuals and my goat buyers are always very happy and impressed with the condition of my herd.  I do not keep so many that someone gets neglected, so I sell many of my very best goats! My goal is quality not quantity. I love my goats and it shows, and I want them to go to good homes.  If you are looking for a healthy happy quality goat you have come to the right place.


We started out with pygmy goats in 2003 as pets for my then 10 year old daughters, and as our appreciation for goats grew so did our herd!  I then fell for a paint boer doe, our first, Vanessa. This began my  breeding program which included doe purchases focusing on size, correct structure, gentle friendly temperments, milk production and mothering ability, high worm resistance, and being easy keepers. And just as importantly not keeping those that did not have those characteristics. Every year I keep  the best doeling I have, and sell an adult herd member. So I have been extremely picky for 10 years and it shows in the super high quality of my herd. 



I then discovered Registered Nigerian dwarf goats. I really like their loud unique color varieties, sweet gentle temperments, great milk production, and tiny portable size.  Many of my nigerian dwarf goats have beautiful blue eyes. 


My main objective is to enjoy and care properly for my current goats ; then to raise healthy, happy , correctly structured, colorful goats, and to provide support and information to help buyers choose the right animal for them, and help after their purchase if they ever have questions to ensure my goats continue to have a long, healthy, happy life.


If you are looking for family raised show, pet, and breeding stock quality Goats For Sale in Missouri, please contact us. Also feel free to email us about any questions or call anytime just to talk goats, or set up a time to see our farm and meet our herd.




Dreamer's Farm

Mary Roelofsz
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


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